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United States Congressional Gold Medal Series

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Missing Trainee from 43-5 Found

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Congressional Gold Medal Series - Start to Finish

Senator Hutchison Introduces Congressional Gold Medal Bill - 3/17/2009

Interview of WASP Lois Hailey - 3/17/2009

House Passes Congressional Gold Medal Bill - 6/16/2009

WASP Awarded Congressional Gold Medal - July 1, 2009

Biggs Fly Girls Video Released - November 2009

NPR's Female WWII Pilots: The Original Fly Girls - March 9, 2010

NPR's WASP: Women With Wings In WWII - March 9, 2010

C-SPAN: Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony, Washington, D.C. - 3/10/2010

NPR's WWII Women Airforce Service Pilots Honored With Gold Medal - March 10, 2010

Tribute to Lois Hailey by Former Student - 3/12/2010


Killed in Service to Their Country

38 women were killed during the two year program, Part 1

38 women were killed during the two year program, Part 2

They Risked Their Lives During Training - A research Paper

Eleven women were killed during WASP training.

Gertrude Tompkins, 43-7 - Missing Since October 26, 1944

Mabel Rawlinson, 43-3 - First Death in Tow Target

Mabel Rawlinson, 43-3 - Her Sister Remembers

Bonnie Welz, 43-6 - Army Accident Report Summary

Bonnie Welz, 43-6 - The Story of a 10 Year Old Witness


Some of the women from the class of 43-3

Marcia Bellassai - Tow Target, Liberty Field

Betty Budde - Tow Target, Biggs Field

Lois Hailey - Tow Target, Biggs Field

Lois Hailey - Commendation

Lois Hailey - A short biography

Joyce Secciani - - Tow Target, March Base

Emma Ware - Tow Target, Biggs Field

Emma Ware - Remembered by Bill Hughes

Lois Ziler - Tow Target, Biggs Field

Class Graduation Portraits

Class Reunion Pictures


Class Lists

1102 WASP Graduates Including The Originals

756 Trainees - Accepted into the Program and Completed Some Training


Other WASPs - From Those Who Knew Them

Kathryn Fine, WAFS

Esther Westervelt, WAFS

Maria Genaro, 43-2

Ruth Stratton Revitt, 43-5t

Joy Moore, 43-7

Barbara Manchester Robinson, 44-1

Eileen Worden, 44-1

Mildred Palmer, 44-2

Joanne Wallace Orr, 44-2

Virginia Stevenson, 44-3t

Beryl Paschich, 44-3

Winifred Wildman, 44-4t

Wanda Townsley, 44-5

Selma Cronan, 44-5t

Dixie Gentry, 44-6t

Mary Chappell, 44-6

Janis Wheatley, 44-10

Jacqueline Zerlaut, 44-10


Other Women in Aviation Links

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