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This page was inspired by the 1996 biannual Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) reunion. At one point, during the convention, I sat with my mother while we listened to Dr. Ken Magid, who produced Women of Courage, a video about the WASP seen on public television. His talk was titled "Share the WASP Living Legacy." Dr. Magid's main point was that we have in the WASPs a group of heroines that our country needs. They should replace the violent, aggressive, and artificial heroes presented by today's media. With that in mind, I decided to share the legacy by providing the names of these women. I have also added the trainees who were accepted into the group but that did not make it to graduation.

Over 25,000 women applied for Cochran's program. Of those, 1,830 were choosen to receive training, 1,074 graduated, and 916 were on duty when they were disbanded. The air miles flown by these women totaled 60,000,000. About 10,000,000 of those hours were for ferrying aircraft. They flew all of the planes developed for the war, including the Boeing built B-17 and B-29 bombers.

The above counts do not include the 28 women of the Womens Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) that were organized by Nancy Love, the first women to fly a P-51 on February 27, 1943. The WAFS program was officially announced on September 10, 1942. The first 11 WAFS were sworn in on September 21, 1942. (This was also the day the B-29 made its first sucessfull flight.) By the middle of December, all the WAFS were all on station. The WAFS are often referred to as The Originals. Of particular interest is that Evelyn Sharp was the most experienced pilot with 2,950 hours of flight prior to entering the program.

In the meantime, Jacqueline Cochran, who was the first women to fly a bomber across the Atlantic on June 17, 1941, got approval to start another training program on September 15, 1942, the Womens Flight Training Detachment (WFTD). The first class was started on November 15, 1942, and the last class graduated on December 7, 1944.

From the graduation of the first class of WFTDs in April of 1943 to the closing of the program, the WAFS and WFTDs worked together. On June 28, 1943, this group of women pilots were officially renamed as the WASP.

They are listed by class and then alphabetically by their maiden names. In some cases, the maiden name was not known and only a married name is shown. If their mainden name was known, their married name is shown in brackets, [].

LIFE mag, B17 class, DeDe and Dora with B29
On the July 19, 1943, Shirley Slade , class 43-5, made the cover of LIFE magazine. In October, 1943, 17 WASPs reported to Lockbourne AAFB outside Columbus, Ohio for 12 weeks flight training with the Boeing B-17. In May, 1944, DeDe Johnson and Dora Dougherty were selected to fly the Boeing B-29. Col. Paul Tibbets taught Dora and DeDe to fly the B29, Ladybird, and later he flew the Enola Gay over Hiroshima.

Five of the WASP aslo served in England as part of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). The ATA was also a civilian program and ferried aircraft for the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force throughout Britain from 1939 to 1945. Their rank and service time are appended to their names. Two of these women servered in the ATA, WASP, and U. S. military - Hazel Raines from 44-3 and Emily Chapin of 44-10.
There are 150 of the WASP listed below who joined a branch of the military after the WASP were disbanded. Their highest rank achieved and service branch are appended to their names.

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"The Originals" Class 43-1 Class 43-2 Class 43-3 Class 43-4 Class 43-5 Class 43-6 Class 43-7 Class 43-8
Class 44-1 Class 44-2 Class 44-3 Class 44-4 Class 44-5 Class 44-6 Class 44-7 Class 44-8 Class 44-9 Class 44-10


Texas women's University has collected files on many of these women.


These twenty-eight women were the first.
They begain reporting for duty on 9/11/42, began training on 9/21/42,
and completed training by the middle of December.
They averaged 1,400 hours of flying before they joined the WAFS.

BATSON, Nancy Elizabeth [Crews] - 20th BATTEN, Bernice L., E-3 USMC - 24th
BERNHEIM, Kathryn L. [Fine] - 26th, Maj. USAFR BOHN, Delphine - 15th
BURCHFIELD, Phyllis M. [Fulton] - 18th, 1,600 hours CLARK, Helen Mary - 5th, 629 hours, Maj. USAFR
DONAHUE, Barbara J. [Ross] - 16th, 500.1 hours ERICKSON, Barbara J. [London] - 14th, 1,017 hours, Maj. USAFR
FERGUSON, Opal "Betsy" [Woodward] - 23rd, 873 hours FORT, Cornella (KIS) - 3rd recruit, 845 hours
FULTON, Dorothy [Slinn] - 22rd, 3.269 hours GILLIES, Betty Huyler - 2nd recruit, 1,261 hours, Maj. USAFR
JAMES, Teresa D. [Martin] - 8th, 2,254 hours, Maj. USAFR LOVE, Nancy H. , Squadron CO 1st, 1,200 hours
MANNING, Esther [Rathfelder; Shively; Westervelt] - 19th, 500 hours McELROY, Lenore L. - 28th, 3,500 hours, Maj. USAF
McGILVERY, Helen - 27th MESERVE, Gertrude [Tubbs, LeValley] - 12th, 1,964 hours
MILLER, Florene [Watson] - 13th NELSON, Esther L. [Gebbert, Carpenter], Cpt. USAFR - 7th, 429 hours but passes flight test
POOLE, Barbara [Shoemaker] - 9th, 1,800 hours RHONIE, Aline H. "Pat" [Brooks] - 4th, 2,627 hours, ATA 3rd Officer, 11/30/1943 to 11/19/1944
RICHARDS, Helen [Prosser] - 10th, 975 hours SCHARR, Adela R. - 6th, 1,429 hours, Maj USAFR
SCOTT, Dorothy F. (KIS) - 25th SHARP, Evelyn Genevieve (KIS) - 17th, 2,950 hours, Remembered
THOMPSON, Katherine [Rawls] - 21st, 675 hours TOWNE, Barbara [Dickson, Fasken] - 11th

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WFTD CLASS 43-1, The Guinea Pigs, 23 GRADUATES, 4/24/43, TWU 43-1 Bios

BOYSEN, Eleanor [Morgan] BROWN, G. C. "Brownie" [Kindig]
CALLAGHAN, Claire G. COLBERT, Mary Lou [Neale], Capt. USAFR
COLLINS, Edna C. [Kingdon] GRANGER, Byrd Howell
GRAY, Marjorie W., Lt. Col. USAF GREENBLATT, Evelyn S. [Howren], Capt. USAFR
JOHNSON, Vega KETCHAM, Marjorie J. [Deacon]
KUMLER, Marjorie LAMPHERE, Marylene Geraldine "Geri" [Nyman]
MACKEY, Marion [deGregorio] McCORMICK, Margaret E.
McKINLEY, Elizabeth A. [Matray] MILLER, Sidney
RICHARDS, Lovelle [Benesh] STRAUGHAN, Jane S., Capt. USAFR
TACKABERRY, Betty Guild [Blake] TACKE, Magda T.
YOUNG, Dorothy L.

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WFTD CLASS 43-2, The Singing Second, 43 GRADUATES 5/28/43, TWU 43-2 Bios

ALLEMAN, Virginia A. [Disney] BACHMAN, Betty Jane [Buehner] CHADWICK, Patricia A. (Erickson)
CHAPMAN, Lila B. [Vanderpoel] COLEMAN, Dorothy Lewise [Adie] CUMMINGS, Iris [Critchell]
WAI Pioneer Hall of Fame 2007
Speech Text
DAILEY, Ruth E. [Helm], Capt. USAFR DARLING, Mary [Huber] DeBERNARD, Catherine
DIAS, Frances J. [Gustavson] DICKERSON, Patricia A. EAMES, Betty [Joiner]
EMERSON, Norma Jane [Carter] FILLMORE, Carol FRANCKLING, Ruth E. [Reynolds]
GERY, Ellen H. GOTT, L. Kay [Chaffey] HAMILTON, Margaret Ann [Tunner]
HIESTER, Emily [Harden] JERMAN, Alma Marie [Hinds] JOHNSON, Mary C. [McKay] "Jary"
KARY, Ann Ross [Anderson] KERR, Margarat E. [Boylan], Part 2 LAMER, Zelda [Smith]
LAWLER, Florence E. [Roberson], 1st Lt. USAAFNCR LOOP, Paula R. (KIS) MAIER, Melvina K.
MASINTER, Geraldine B. [Hill], 1st Lt. RAF MOFFATT, Virginia C. (KIS) CGM MOYNAHAN, Rita J. [McArdle]
MUCCIE, Marie [Genaro] NICHOLS, Dorothy M. (KIS) PINKLEY, Avanell
RICKETTS, Helen [Rownd] RUSSELL, Barbara [Darnell] SCHORR, Marion H. [Betzler, Brown], 1st Lt. USAFR
STONE, Helen S. THOMPSON, Ruth R. [Hawkins] TREES, Ruth Grimm
TROTMAN, Mary Tufts [O'Brien] VAIL, Catherine [Bridge], 1st Lt. USAFR WAGENSEIL, Martha D. [Rupley]
WHITLOW, Elizabeth [Smith]

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WFTD CLASS43-3, 38 GRADUATES, 7/3/43, TWU 43-3 Bios

(PHOTO ALBUMS: Graduation, Reunions)
AHLSTROM, Mary Belle [Smith] ARCHIBALD, Betty [Fernandes] BERITICH, Mary N.
BESSENT, Clarice M. BIRGE, Grace [Mayfield] BROOKS, Lois E. [Hailey]*^
CONNER, Lillian M. [Roberts-Risdon] COULTER, Emma [Ware]*^ COURTNEY, Marcia E. [Bellassai]*
CRINKLAW, Virginia B. (Pierce] DEUSER, Betty Jane [Budde]*^ DOUGHERTY, Dora [Strother, McKeown]*, Lt. Col. USAFR
DYER, Elsie E. [Monaco] FENTON, Isabel [Stinson]*, Capt. USAFR FRANKMAN, Anna E. [Atwood, Darwin, Isbell]
GORMAN, Gretchen J. [Graba] GRIMES, Frances F. (KIS)* HANRAHAN, Marion, S 1st Class USNR
HARTE, Elin [Raimondi]* HOLLINGSWORTH, Lois [Ziler]*^, 1st Lt. USAFR INGALLS, Shirley [Thackara]*
JONES, Virginia Elaine Chadwickross KIDD, Louise KNIGHT, Florence E.*, 1st Lt. USAFR
LAZAR, Vilma [Qualls] LEATHERBEE, Mary Lee* LINK, Bertha [Trasky]*
McAFEE, Frederica [Richardson]* MEDES, Beatrice A. T. MENGES, Katherine A. [Brick]*^
Biggs Accident
NIELSEN, Laurine Y.* OWEN, Elinore [Pyle] Obit PEARSON, Jean Hanmer, Lt. Cmdr. USN
POOLE, Esther D. [Berner] RAWLINSON, Mabel V. (KIS)* Buried in Kalamazoo SHALE, Marie*, E3 USNR
SHERWOOD, Joyce E. [Secciani]* TONER, Mildred A. [Chapin]* * - To Camp Davis
^ - From Davis to Liberty Field, Camp Stewart, to Biggs

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WFTD CLASS 43-4 , 112 GRADUATES, 8/7/43, TWU 43-4 Bios

BAKER, Nancy Lee BEATY, Lauretta [Foy] BEVINS, Martha H. [Born]
BOLISH, Juanita [Cooke] BOWDEN, Mary Louise [Brown] BOWLES, Mary Amanda [Nelson]
BRADLEY, Marian J. [Edwards] BRENNAN, Ann C. BROWN, Jennie E. [Burbeck]
BRUNS, Margaret [Silker] BUCHNER, Faith [Richards], 1st Lt. USAF CALHOUN, Helen B.
CANADA, Patti M. [Stadler] CLAIR, Virginia, Capt. USAFR CLARK, Grace [Fender]
CLIFFORD, Mary B. [Lyman] COLBURN, Dorothy R. COLBY, Cornelia Y. [Kafka]
COOK, Vera K. CORBETT, Alta [Thomas] COWART, Gwendolyn E. [Hickerson]
DISBROW, Virginia L. [Sweet], (1) (2), Lt. Col. USAF DODD, Bert H. DUNHAM, Lyda M. [Keefe]
ELLINGTON, L. June [Petto] ELLIS, Natalie L. [Fahy] ENGLE, Mary Edith
FARLEY, Mary Jo [Tilton], Lt. Col. USAF FATJO, Marcella J. [Tucker], Houston photo FULLWOOD, Rosa Lea [Meek, Dickerson]
GAMBER, Ruth I. GROHMAN, Rosalie L. HANLEY, Patricia L. [Newlon]
HARRIS, Virginia F. [Watry], 1st Lt. USAFR HECKLE, Margie E. [Maddox] HEINRICH, Betty [Berkstresser]
HILDINGER, Dwight B. [Diel] HILL, Virginia [Wood] HINES, Mary E. [Grant]
HOUSER, Catherine M. HOWELL, Ann M. [Wataon] HRESTU, Jennie X. [Reimann]
JOHNS0N, Dorothea M. [Moorman], 2nd Lt. USAFR JOWELL, Virginia Lee [Hagerstrom], 1st Lt. USAFR KELLY, Kathleen N. [Tilland]
KOCHER, Dorothy E. [Olsen] LANDIS, Jean LAWSON, Martha IVolkomener]
LEAMING, Kittle L. [King] LEE, Hazel Ying (KIS) Article L'HOMMEDIEU, Mary Alice [Ford]
LINDNER, Lydia D. [Kenny] LLEWELLYN, Constance [Howerton] LOFT, Katherine S. [Strehle]
LOWE, Nancye Ruth [Crout] LUNDY, Martha M. LUTTRELL, Virginia [Krahn]
MADIS0N, Isabel [Van Lom], 1st Lt. USAFR MALANY, Virginia [Meloney] MANUEL, Doris M.
MAY, Alice-Jean [Starr], 1st Lt. USAFR MILLER, Bertha M. [Collins] MITCHELL, Elizabeth [Bane]
MOORE. Margery [Holben], 1st Lt. USAFR MORIARITY, Eleanor E. [Beith] MULLINS, Ruby E. [Manaching]
NAFFZ, Betty Louise [Martin] NESBIT. Nancy E. [Staples] NICHOLS, Eolyne Y.
OATES, Eunice S. PEACOCK, Willie Jewell [Kelly] PEARCE, Sarah E. [Lundy]
PEDLAR, Edna H. [Bishop] POTTER, Martha J. [Phillips] PRACHT, Hazel W. [Caldwell]
REEVES, Margaret H. [Riviere] REINHOLDT. Esther N. [Waters] RICHMOND, Henriette M.
ROACH, Eileen M. [Kesti] ROBERTSON, Jeanne Bennett RORHER, Frances R. [Sargent]
ROSSO, Mary M. [Lewis] RUTHERFORD, Madge A. [Minton] SANDERSON, Frances R. [Steele]
SAPP, Julia S. [Bower] SCHAEFER, Helen M., Lt. Col. USAF SHARON, Marie Ethel (KIS)
SHULTZ, Dorothea G. SLACK, A. Geneva [Scharlau], 1st Lt. USAFR SNAPP, Helen Wyatt
STEINER, Isabel M. [Karkau] STEPHENS, Mary Jane [Meikle] TALCOTT, Alice Jane
TATE, Janice R. [Harris] TAYLOR, Betty L. [Wood (KIS) THIELGES, Mary Ann [Cleary]
THOMPSON, Eleanor E. [Wortz] THOMPSON. Viola [Mason] THURN, Violet C. [Cowden]
TREBING, Mary E. (KIS) TREBTOSKE, Joanne M. [Jenks] TRENCH, Helen LePoer [Brown]
UNDERWOOD, Ruth O. [Florey] WAITE, Jane Elizabeth [Fliesbach] WARD, Barbara J. [Lazarsky]
WIERZBICKI, Violet S. WIGGINS, Mary L. WILKINS, Rena D'Arcy [Jones]
WILLIS, Barbara [Heinrich] WILSON, Mary C. [McConkeyl WOOOWARD, Inez S. [Woods]
ZUCHOWSKI, Janet J. [Dirlam]

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WASP CLASS 43-5 , 85 GRADUATES, 9/11/43, TWU 43-5 Bios

ACHER, F. Virginia [Williams] ANDERSON, Ruth E. [Boyea] BAUMGARTNER, Ann G. [Carl]
BEARD. Marianne [Nutt], Maj. USAFR BEVIS, Gayle [Ewing-Reed] BOCHANEK, Izydora [Focht]
BRISTOL, Doris V. [Tracy] BUCKLEY, Ruthmary [Cole] BURNS. Aillson Cameron [McBride]
CADMAN, Vivian [Eddy] CARLSTROM, Marion [Trick] CARTER, Ruth [Johnson]
CHRISTENSEN, Janice CLEMENTS, Dr. Grace "Betty" CLEVELAND, Irma [Weigel]
COOK, Leotta [Feyen] COX, Margaret L. [Stegall] CROXTON, Ellen [Evans]
DAHMES. Sylvia [Clayton] DETTWEILER, Helen D'AMBLY, Jeanne Perot, Capt. USAFR
D'HOOGHE, Solange EBERSBACH, Dorothy Ellen, 1st Lt. USAFR ENDACOTT, Ellen
EPSBERG, Lillian Emma [Goodman] FITZSIMONS, Ruth E., 1st Lt. USAFR FLAHERTY, Monica [Frasseto]
FREMD, Helen Irene [DeGray] FRIESEN, Lucille [McVey] GARVIN, Eugenia P. [St. Martin]
GREEN, Frances, [Karl] GREENE, Elizabeth E. GREGORY, Irene E. [Lindner]
HAAS, Elizabeth "Betty" [Pfister] HAGEMANN, Ruth [Wheeler] HAGUE, Helen [Pozzobon]
HARDMAN, Geraldine [Jordan] HARTSON, Mary (KIS) HICKS, Barbara [Runton]
HILL, Geraldine P. HILLER, Mary M. "Pat" [Call] HUNTER, Celia
JONES, Caryl L. [Stortz] KARLSON, Ann M. [Kenney] KEKIC, Annabelle R. [Rotbart]
KURTEN, Elenor B. [Schaffer] LEDBETTER, Julia E., Lt. Col. US Army LINDLEY, Ruth [Muller]
LIVINGSTON, Winifred Jean [Dunkle] LOVEJOY, Alice (KIS) MacLANE, Harriet N. [Fisher]
MARKLE, Pauline [Mulligan] McCLELLAN, Anne A. [Proctor] McCORMICK, Jill Sutton, Maj. USAFR
MclNTYRE, Floella [Downs] MEYER, Ethel M. [Finley] MITCHELL, Charlott M. [Carl]
MODISETTE, Edna [Davis] MOHRMAN, Jean M. [Springer] MOREHEAD, Wilma [Cockburn-Wine]
MUNDT, Roberta E., Maj. USAF MYERS, Macie Jo [Wheelis] NILES, Florence Charlotte [Hughes]
PARKER, Mary [Audrian] PATEMAN, Yvonne C. [Sheffer], Lt. Col. USAF PITZ, Josephine [Egan], 1st Lt. USAFR
POPELL, Marjarie T. [Sizemore] PORTER, Helen B. [Burkhart, Sheffer], 1st Lt. USAFR RAMSEY, Nadine B.
RAY, Margaret J. [Ringenberg] RICHEY, Helen, ATA, 1st Officer, 3/25/1942 to 1/20/1943 ROCHOW, Dawn Y. [Seymour], a pioneer
SANFORD, Marjorie [Thompson] SCHWARTZ, Sylvia [Granader] SCOTT, Jane S.
SHEA, Betty [Boyd] SLADE, Shirley [Teer] STARK, Kathryn S. [Gunderson]
STEGEMAN, Marion [Hodgson] STERKEL, Lorraine Marie [Blaylock] STREETER, Virginia [Cutler]
THOMAS, Jane [Campbell] TURNER, Helen A. [Holland] URBAN, Harriet L. [White]
WILSON, Virginia C. [Hammond]

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WASP CLASS 43-6 , 84 GRADUATES, 10/9/43, TWU 43-6 Bios

ABELL, Helen T. ALEXANDER, Eleanor A. [Ruth] BOWSER, Patricia A. [Gibson], 2nd Lt. USAFR
BROOME, Virginia M. [Waterer] BRUNSVOLD, Orpha Maurine [Wilson], Capt. USAFR BUFORD, Frances B. [Pullen]
CALDWELL, Mildred C., 1st Lt. USAFR CALLAHAN, Margaret [Grant] CARMODY, Nelle L. [Klein]
CARSEY, Elizabeth L. [Clark] CASON, Rita G. [Stump] CASTLE, Margaret L. [McAnally]
CHAMBERS, Lorene M. [Keyfauvar] CONDIT, Shirley Joy [de Gonzalez] CRISSWELL, Anne E. [Madden]
CUSACK, Lane Blanch [Boxberger] DALY, Lorena B. [Dorr] DARCY, Lauretta A.
DAVOLY, Rita M. [Websterl EDWARDS, Rebecca H. [Brown] FEATHERHOFF, Nancy L. [Sandelbach]
FEELEY, Eleanor L. [Lawry] FISHER, Enid C. FLETCHER, Evelyn C. [Stephens]
FLYNN, Anna L. [Monkiewicz] GARDNER, Elizabeth L. GARRETT, Joann
GIBBONS, Bethel G. HELBURN, Margaret [Kocher] HOOVER, Dorothy P.
HOPKINS, Dorothy [Henesy] HURLBURT, Margarat M. HYLTON, Bernice
JOHNSON, Nancy Ruth, Capt. USAFR JONES, Catherine E., 1st Lt. USAFR KIRCHNER, Margaret [Stevenson]
KUPFERBERG, Katherine Ruth [Kornblum] LEONARD, A. Lee [Wheelwright] LOGAN, Marjorie J. [Rolle], Maj. USAFR
LOWELL-WALLACE, Margaret T., Maj. USAFR McDONNELL, Mary T. [Breitenstein] McGEORGE, Elizabeth M. [Sullivan]
McLELLAND, Mildred M. [Christiansen] MIDDLETON, Alice L. MITCHELL, Moya [Esslinger, Anonson], 1st Lt. US Army
MOORE, Bernice [Lechow] NIEMIEC, Florence J. [Marston] NIENSTEDT, Corinne W.
NOLT, Maxine A. [Wright] OSBORN, Blanche V. [Bross](4th) PENN, Rose [Ross]
PERKINS, Lola C. [Ricci], Capt. USAFR PIERCE, Hazel M. [Brooks] PLATTER, Mimi C. [Cook]
PUTMAN, Grace K. [Jones] RANCE, Mary Ruth ROBERTS, Ruth
SAUNDERS, Velma Morrison SCANTLAND, Mary E., 1st Lt. USAFR SMITH, Martha L. [Bullock]
SNYDER, Frances M. [Tanassy] STEWARD, Maxine S. [Smith] STEWART, Evelyn M. [Jackson]
STORY, Irma, Maj. USAFR TAYLOR, Jean M. [Howard] TAYLOR, Margery [Ware]
THOMPSON, Louesa F. [Beard] TIBBETTS, Marion R., Maj. USAF TOMLINSON, Evelyn L.
TRAMMEL, Evelyn L. TRUAZ, Deborah WAKEHAM, Marjorie, Maj. USAFR
WALDNER, Ann [Currier] WALKER, Lucy B. [McGinnis] WEBB, Carol E. [Cook]
WEBB, Dorothy E., Capt. USAF WELZ, Bonnie Jean (KIS) WENDELIN, Margaret M. [Hatfield]
WESTHEIMER, Ruth W. [Tompkins] WHITTAKER, Captola D. [Johnson], 1st Lt. USAFR WILSON, Jane H. [Patch-Crowder]
WISSLER, Margaret [Roberts] WOLAK. Adeline [Ellison] YATES, Virginia H., Capt. USAF

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WASP CLASS 43-7 , 59 GRADUATES, 11/13/43, TWU 43-7 Bios

ASHCRAFT, Yvonne C. [Wood] AVERY, Dorothy A., 1st Lt. USAFR AXTON, Mildred D., 2nd Lt. USAFR
BABB, Jean McCartney BARRETT, E. Merie [Marsh] BARRICK, Helen T. [Pittenger]
BARTER, Sylvia B. BAYLEY, Caro [Bosca] BENNETT, M. Allaire
BOIEN, Lois [Durham] BROWN, Tex [Meachem] BRYANT, Eleanor C. [Folk]
BURKE, Mary H. CALDERWOOD, Neva [Hubbard] CHAPIN, Sara A. [Winston]
CLARK, Betty J. CLAYTON, Carolyn, Lt. Col. USAF CLEWIS, Katherine R. [Irons]
COON, Mary [Watlers] CULPEPPER, Anne Carolyn [Miller, Thames] DeMOE, Babette [Edinger]
DESSERT, Anna C. [Oliver] DOLL, H. Lucille [Wise], 1st Lt. USAFR DRUMMOND, Emeral, 1st Lt. USAFR
ELLENA, Doris H. [Zaloudek] FOWLER, Dorothy GRACE, Robbie [Rinehart]
GRESHAM, Mary A. GRILL, Aleta M. [Johnson] HARRIS, Thelma Madine [Bluhm]
HARTZ, Elizabeth [Carroll] HOLADAY, Ann R. HOPE, Virginia M.
HORTON, Leonora M. [Anderson], Lt. Col. USAF ISBILL, Marian JARMAN, Phyllis M.
LANDRY, Katherine [Steele] LeFEVRE, Doris L. [Garrison] LONG, Mitchell I.
LORRAINE, Lillian [Yonally] LOUDDER, Lela [Harding] McLEAN, Dorothy L.
MANN, Marian G. MERRITT, Katharine Joy [Moore] MORGAN, L. Ann [Hazzard]
PAGE, Jane [Hlavacek], Capt. USAFR PARKER, Jean C. [Rose] SEARES, Patricia J. [Sullivan]
SIMPSON, Mozelle I. SMITH, Gene K. [Wakeley] STEVENSON, Nell [Bright]
TALLMAN, Jane TARDY, Audrey [Brady] TEERLING, Wilhelmina M.
THOMPSON, Frances M. [Hunt], 1st Lt. USAFR TOMPKINS, Gertrude [Silver] (MIS) TYNON, lsabelle E. [Martell]
WOOD, M. Winifred YOUNG, Constance Millicent [Reynolds], 1st Lt. USAFR

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WASP CLASS 43-8 , 48 GRADUATES, 12/17/43, TWU 43-8 Bios

ASPELL, Dorothy I, [Warfield], Maj. USAFR BALL, May L. [Behrend] BARNES, Dorothy Imogene
BLANK, Adaline A. [Beard] CHADWICK, Elizabeth V. [Dressler] CRAIN, Bobbye C. [Jersig]
CRAWFORD, Elizabeth Jana [Eberly] DOBBINS, Lois M. [Auchterlonie], Capt. USAFR EDMONDSON, Maxine E. [Flournoy]
ESTILL, Mary V. [Fearey] FRENCH, Lois Gene [Holman] FURN, Mary M., Lt. Col. USAF
GAGNON, Jeannette [Goodrum], 2nd Lt. USAFR GRIGGS, Elvira G. [Cardin] HATCH, Janet A. [Downer]
HEILLMAN, Iris [Schupp] HUMPHREYS, Ruth A. [Brown] JENSEN, Frances A. [Blakeslee]
JONES, Patricia M. [Perry] KEATTS, Elizabeth [Munoz] KIELTY, Dorothy M.
KINNE, Irene K. [Englund] LAKE, Jacqueline R. [Carmine] LINCOLN, Ann [Clay]
McINERNEY, Frances B. [Warms] McNAMARA, Margaret E. [Slaymaker] MARLAND, Dori M. [Martin]
MOFFAT, Doris I. [Long] MOND, Loes M. [MacKenzie], 1st Lt. USAFR MOORE, Jocelyn [Evernham]
MUELLER, Esther Lucille [Ammerman] NASH, Lois L. PRATT, Effie M. [Kempton]
RECK, Margot F. ROBBINS, Jeanatte [Rhamsey] SEAFIELD, Marilyn L. [Browning]
SELFRIDGE, Marjorie [Dresbach] SHAW, Andrea C., Lt. Col. USAF SKJERSAA, Helen M. [Hansen]
SNODGRASS, Joalene [Foster] SPELLICK, Donna M. [Glendinning] STAMPS, Kathryn
STAVRUM, Elizabeth A. [Lux] TOEVS, Marian Jane [Luts] (KIS) TRIGG, Helen [Luts]
WENZEL, G. Marcia [Milner], 1st Lt. USAFR WILLIAMS, Doris D., Lt. Col. USAF WRIGHT, Betty [Trout]

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WASP CLASS 44-1 , 49 GRADUATES, 2/11/44, TWU 44-1 Bios

BARTHOLF, Anne [Rawlings] BECHTOLD, Betty J. [Brichford] BEECHAM. Mary [Smith]
BEYER, Adele F. BURCHAM, Madelon L. [Hill], 1st Lt. USAFR BURMESTER, F. Doris [Nathan]
CARTER, Ida F. CRANE, Mardo C., 1st Lt. USAFR CROSBY, O. Gwendolyn [Barthelmess]
DODD, Dorothy J. [Eppstein], 1st Lt. USAFR DUSSAQ, Katharine A. (KIS) EDMUNDS, Bonnie
ELLFELDT, Marjorie R. [Rees] FIEDLER, H. Lorraine [Raymond] GEE, Doris C.
HALL, Rosemary HARPER, Margaret C. [Watson] HENRY, Dorothy E.
HINKLE, Eleanor R. [Vaughn] HOPKINS, Anna L. [White] HOSKINS, Ethel D. [McDonald]
HUNT, Alberta [Nicholson] JENKINS, Jeanette Jean JERSHIN, Mary Alice [O'Rourke]
JONES, Ruth Craig, 1st Lt. USAFR KEALY, Eileen A. [Worden] KEATING, Josephine M. [Swift]
KEENE, Edith C. (KIS) KENYON, Harriet C. [Call], 2nd Lt. USAFR KOTH, Mary [McCabe]
KRASOVEC, Dorothy A. [Eby] LEWIS, Rosina [Todd] LOGAN, Anna Marguerite [Frenzel]
MANCHESTER, Barbara [Robinson] MEURER, Dolores M. [Reed], 1st Lt. USAFR MOUNTAIN, E. Marie [CIark]
MURPHY, Catherine A. NOGGLE, Anne, Capt. USAF PORTER, Emily I. [KIine]
RISS, Alice L. ROBBINS, Jane O. RYDER, Phyllis C.
SCALES, Gwendolyn C. SHAFFER, Gene T. [FitzPatrick], 1st Lt. USAFR STELL, Virginia D. [O'Neil]
TAYLOR, Madelyn M. [Eggleston] WALL, Elizabeth B. [Strohfus] video WILKINS, Martha A. [Mitchell]
WOOD, Carolyn [Saas]

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WASP CLASS 44-2 , 49 GRADUATES, 3/11/44, TWU 44-2 Bios

ADAMS, Ruth BERRY, Anne E. [Lesnikowski] CLARKE, Susan P. (KIS)
CLEVERLY, Maisie Kay [Browning] CRAFT, Annabelle [Moss] DULANEY, Virginia [Campbell]
EDWARDS, Twila E. [Andrews] EHLERS, Margaret E. [Twito] ELKINGTON, Doris J. [Hamaker]
GILBERT, Marjorie [Stewart], Capt. USAFR GOLBINEC, Leona M. [Zimmer] GROSSMAN, Mildred W. [Palmer]
HARRIS, Kate Lee [Adams] HASCALL, Jean [Cole] HAWKINS, Dorothy C. [Goot]
HECKMAN, Mary Lincoln, Capt. USAFR HENDERSON, Annelle H. [Bulecheck] HERMAN, Kathryn F. "Kay"
JOHNSON, Marjorie J. KEIL. Mary Ellen, Capt. USAFR LARAWAY, Frances L. [Smith]
LeFEVRE, Betty M. LINDSTROM, Muriel L. [Segall] LOWE, Verda-Mae [Jennings]
MacKETHAN, Elizabeth M. [Magid], 1st Lt. USAFR McCRAE, Mary J. [McCallum] MICHELL, Marie [Robinson] (KIS)
MONTGOMERY, Alice M. MOORE, Harriet Jean [Soard] NEEDHAM, Margaret J. [Walker]
NOFFKE, Esther E. PATTERSON, Eleanor J. [Brady] PETRY, Ruth Mary
PETTEYS, Anna Mae [Pattee] PUETT, Rose Lourette [Potter], 1st Lt. USAFR REESE, Rose D.
RUTHERFORD, Jane [Wiswell] SAUNDERS, Mary M. [Wilson] SIDDALL, Clarice I. [Bergemann]
SMITH, Frances M. [Tuchband], 1st Lt. USAFR STAFFORD, Yvonne M. STROK. Mary V. [Peter]
SULLIVAN, Madeline E. [O'Donnell] TOBIAS, Phyllis Sally [Felker] WALLACE, Joanne [Orr]
WELLER, Ruth [Kunkle], 2nd Lt. USAFR WHELAN, M. Joan [Lyle] WOODS, W. Ruth
ZILLNER, Lorraine H. [Rodgers], 1st Lt. USAFR

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WASP CLASS 44-3 , 57 GRADUATES, 4/15/44, TWU 44-3 Bios

BOARDMAN, Eunice E. [Bogdanovic] BRAUN, June E. [Bent], 2nd Lt. USAFR BRISTOL, Lois A. [Youngl
BROTHERS, Ann M. [Fink] BRYANT, Vergie M. [Buchele] CHAMBERLAIN, Margaret L. [Tamplin]
CHAMBERS, Elizabath M. CHOQUETTE, Ruth [Thatcher] COOPER, Mary N. [Cox]
CRANE, Mary Helen [Chapman, Foster] DARR, Ann Russell DeBOLT, Margaret [Christian]
DeVORE, Gloria [Schwager] DUREN, Doris K. [Muise] ELMES, Cecily E. [Kayes]
EVANS, Eileen Bickford [Rehwald] FRIED, Marcella M. [Lucier] GILCHRIST, Vivian [Nemhauser]
GILMORE, Mary T. [Wallace] GRANT, Virginia N. GRONA, Starley M., 2nd Lt. USAFR
HANSON, Betty Jane [Erenberg] HAUGAN, Shirley A. [Wunsch] HUMPHREYS, Kathryn Kip [Requardt]
JACOMINI, Alma [Jeschien] JEHL, M. Joy [DaCosta] JENNER, Juliette [Stege]
LORE, Elizabeth Ann MacLEOD, Mary F. [Loomis] MANOGUE, Maxine H. [Harvey]
MARSH, Clara Jo [Stember] MARTIN, Josephine F. [Gale] MARTIN, Mary Eleanor [Sabota]
McCRAE, Isabelle G. [Hale], 2nd Lt. USANCR McDONALD, Lea Ola (KIS) MOULTON, Dorothy [Rooney]
MURPHY, Rita E. [Wischmeyer] NETHERCUTT, Patricia A. [Weaver] NORBECK, Jeanne L. (KIS)
OWENS, Beryl M. [Paschich] PARKER, Jimmie [Glasser, Rees] PATTERSON, Norine P. [Welch], Capt. USAFR
PRINE, Mary Louise QUINLAN, Mary Abbie RAINES, Hazel Jane, ATA 2nd Officer, 4/14/1942 to 7/24/1943; Capt. USAFR
REDDING, Marjorie [Christiansen] RICHTER, Hazel Sue ROBINSON, Winfrey M. [Leonard]
SCOTT, Bettie M. (KIS) SIEBER, Delrose SWAN, Kristin [Lent]
TAYLOR, Evelyn R. [Wahlborg] THYSON, Harriet M. TUFFIN, Marguerite [Bernhardt]
WAGNER, Jeanne M. [Simpson] WARREN. Virginia Lee [Doerr] WATERS, Mary [Holden]

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WASP CLASS 44-4 , 52 GRADUATES, 5/23/44, TWU 44-4 Bios

ALLEN, Dorothy J., 2nd Lt. USAFR BAESSLER, Mildred Jane [Doyle] BAKER, Stella Jo [Claiborne], 1st Lt. USAFR
BARKLEY, Ina C. [Petsch] BISHOP, Odean 'Deanie' [Parrish] BRAND, Louise J. [Hyde]
BRITT, Dorothy F. [Mann] BROWN, Mary M. [Dourdeville] CARMICHAEL, Mickie M.
CAVETTE, Mary L. [DeBehnkej D'AREZZO, Catherine M. DAVIDSON, Mildred I. [Dalrymple], 2nd Lt. USAFR
DIFFIN, Margaret K. [Dallwig], 2nd Lt. USAFR DUNBAR, Jane C. [Tedeschi] DARP, Anabel L. [Ruso]
EVERETT, Grace E. GIBSON, Patricia GILBERT, Frances [Johannessen]
GREMLING, Della [Tissaw] HAGNER, Mary N. [Guthrie] HAYES, Betty W. [Roberts]
HERTHNECK Dorothy L. [Sweeney] HOYT, Grey Allison [Dunlap] HUFFHINES, Eloise [Balley]
KAPUS, Jeannette C., Lt. Col. USAF KELLY, Carol [Granger] KLEIN, Doris C. [Ohm]
LEON, Madge Ragan [Moore] LYALL, Marybelle Jean [Arduengo] MacDONALD, Corinna H. [Folkins]
MARTIN, Peggy W. (KIS) McCART, Jean F., 1st Lt. USAFR MILLER, Maurine [Orr]
PARKER, Peggie [Eccles] PARRY, JoAnn PHILLIPS, Florine T. [Mancib, Carley, Maloney]
ROBY, Meriem L. [Anderson] ROULSTONE, Frances [Reeves] SHAFER, Ruth Marian[Fleisher], Maj. USAFR
SMITH, Flora Belle [Reece] SOWARDS, Ethelyn M. [Young] STAMPER, Hazel M. [Hohn]
STANDEFER, Frances E. [Acker] STEVENS, Alyce [Rohrer] TANNEHILL, Shirley J.
TANNER, Doris Brinker TUCKER, Ann Gift [Dula] UFER, M. Ann
VELUT, Alma E. [Zell] WILLAMSON, Elizabeth [Shipley] WINSTON, Susie [Bain]
WOLFE, Faye [Olney]

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WASP CLASS 44-5 , 72 GRADUATES, 6/27/44, TWU 44-5 Bios

BEARD, Dorothy H. [Burns] BERGH, Margaret W. [McGlinn] BOYD, Kathryn Lynn [Miles]
BRINTON, Carol E. [Selfridge] BROWNFIELD, Leta J. [Shirely] BURCH, Mary L. [Nirmaier] 2nd Lt. USAFR
CALKINS, Lillian Darlene [Eno] 2nd Lt. USAFR CAREY, Lucille R. [Johnson] CLINKSCALES, Codye Gwen [Linder]
CUTLER, Pauline C. [White] DYDE, Jana C. [Miller] EHRHARDT, Dorothy C. [McCracken]
EYRE, Elizabeth N. [Taylor], 2nd Lt. USAFR FLORY, Earlene Lois [Hayes], 2nd Lt. USAFR FOSTER, Marjory V. [Munn], Capt. USAFR
GOWER, Jennie L. [Wynne] GRIGGS, Harriet HARGRAVE, Janet
HARMON, Martha G. [Rountree] HARVEY, Margot [Veal, DeMoss] HEATH, Gloria W., 2nd Lt. USAFR
HILL, Jennie M. [Mosley] HOLLlNGER, Etta Mae [Grasso], 2nd Lt. USAFR HUBBARD, Elizabeth [Worrall]
HUTTON, Joan C. [McWaters] JAMESON, Marion P. JOHNSON, Phyills R. [Paradis]
JONES, Ethel L. [Sheffler] KENWORTHY, Patricia [Nuchols] KIESTER, Muriel V. [Martin]
KNAPP, Virginia S. [Healy] LANDMAN, Genevieve [Rausch] MACE, Martha A. [Boshart]
McFARLAND, Jean [Koehler] McKENZIE, Mertha L. [Carpenter] McSHEEHY, Jeanne, Lt. Col. USAFR
MEYN, Dorothy M. [Ritscher] MINTER, R. Irene [Brady] MOGENSEN, Karla D. [Jordan]
MOSES, Beverly J. (KIS) MOYNIHAN, Peggy [McCaffrey] MERRILL, Wanda C. [Robedee, Townsley]
MEYERS, Marylyn E. [Peyton] NELSON, Lorraine M. [Bain] NESBIT, Mary [Hearn]
NEWELL, Merridee A. [Schneberger] NEWSOM, Alma Lucille [Fornal] NISPEL, Margaret L.
NORRIS, Dorothea M. OLSON. Beverly [Southwick] ORDWAY, Helen P. 'Patty' [Wright]
PHELAN, Margaret J. [Taylor] RAVEN, Irene M. [Robertson] RICHARDS, Betty N. [Anderson], 1st Lt. USAFR
ROBERTS, Margaret A. [Goldhahn] SEXTEN, Dortha E. [Wethey] SHUNN, Carolina E. 'Betty'
SHUTSY, Florence G. [Reynolds], Capt. USAFR SISLER, Norms A. [Andereon] STEEL, Ruth L. [Wilson]
STIMSON, Mary Jane [Kenward] STOCKWELL, Harriet I. STUMP, Betty J. [Cozzen]
SWAIN, Dorothy M. [Lewis] TAYLOR, Mildred E. [Marshall] TEPAS. Anne [Wiltsee]
TRAIN, Harriet [Blake] TRUITT, Barbara E. TWITCHELL, Jacqueline [Morgan]
WALD, Urcela D. [Covantry] WATSON, Elizabeth A. WILLIAMS, Virginia M. [Hubbard]

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WASP CLASS 44-6 , 72 GRADUATES, 8/4/44, TWU 44-6 Bios

ALSPACH, Kay BANCROFT, Dorothy L. [Hammett] BAUMEISTER, Dorothea [Hamilton]
BEESEMEYER, Beverly, 2nd Lt. USAFR BELLEW, Juner BOOTH, Sarabel D. [Wardle]
BREIDENBACH, Mary B. [Hansen] CANGIAMILA, Beverly B. [McCarty] CANNEY, Pauline [Banken], 2nd Lt. USAFR
CARLTON, Edythe M. [Warren] CHASE, Shirley J. [Kruse] COATS, Mildred P, [MacRobbie]
COLLINS, Patricia A. [Hughes] COUGHLIN, Frances E. CRAGIN, Edith M. [Daley]
CRUM, Irene I. CULLEN, Carolyn L., Capt. USAFR DeLANO, Suzanne U. [Parish]
DUBIEL, Lucy V. [Johnson] FAIRCHILD, Elinor [Stebbins] FLEMING. Barbara L. [Foss]
FLETCHER, Justine H. [Woods] GEHRING, Georgia GODFREY, Margaret M. [Powell]
GOSNELL, Mary Helen [Chappell] HAGEN, Marion A. [Mayfield] HALL, Helen Louise [Brown]
HALL, Norma J. [Halberg] HAMM, Ava M. [Richards] HANKS, Nancelu
HARRISON, Edna B. [Atkins] HART, Barbara J. [Kennedy] HAZELTINE, Nanette [Fuller]
HEAD, Hayden A. HICKS, Margaret [Wight] HILBERG, Mary B. [Boyce]
HINES, Dorothy B. [Mosher] HIXSON, Jean F., Col. USAF HOPKINS, Patricia [Moran]
HUTCHINSON, Janet Lee [Simpson] JAKLE, Alice R. LASSWELL, Lorraine R.
LEE, Genevieve N. [Sinkler] LEONARD, Barbara Lee [Posey] LaVEQUE, Betty [Niehoff]
LIPPINCOTT, Lavina Bath [Green] LOVVORN, Frankie E. [Bretherick], 2nd Lt. USAFNCR MAXWELL, Audrey W. [Ducote]
McCONIHAY, Irene E. [Leahy] McNULTY, Evelyn B. [Perrin] MICHAELS, Joan M. [Lemley]
MILLER, Marilyn [Saunders] NORTON, Janice [Kaufman] O'DELL, Eleanor R. [Zabielski]
PALMER, Rose A. PAUL, Anita F. (Sister Teresa) PEDERSEN, I. Marle
PETERS, Elizabeth G. [Goettel] REINEBERG, Mary S. [Burchard] RETICK, Mary K. [Wells], Capt. USAFR
REXROAD, Dorothea B. [Scatena], 2nd Lt. USAFR RODRIGUEZ, Verneda G. [McLean] SHOEMAKER, Mary E. [Szablowski]
THOMPSON, Betty A. [Sharr] TRIBBLE, Geraldine M. [Vickers] UPPER, Nancy G. [Foran]
VAUGHAN, Daisy M. VINCENT, Mabelle L. [Smith] WARREN, Ann G. [Griffith]
WHITE, Elizabeth I. [Dybbro] WILLIAMS, Betty Jane, Lt. Col. USAF WILLIAMS, Leslie S.

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WASP CLASS 44-7 , 59 GRADUATES, 9/8/44, TWU 44-7 Bios

ASHWELL, Grace E. [Lotowycx] BARNES, Mary Jean [Sturdevant] BLACKBURN, Partricia J. [Bonansinga]
BOWEN, Geraldine R. [Olinger] BRADLEY, Virginia S. [Gough] CAFFREY, Mary E. [Sheean]
CAWLEY, Ann E. [O'Connor] CHILCOAT, Hulda M. [Haag] CLAY, Iola V. [Magruder], 2nd Lt. USAFR
CONKLIN, Nancy Allison DANNEFER, Bernice M. [Pinkerton] EAGAN, Julia E. [Jordan]
ECKERT, Mildred E. [Carder] FALK, Bernice 'Bee' [Haydu] FRISBIE, Beverly F. [Carruth]
GUNDERSON, Eleanor M. HALLADAY, Norma [Moore] HANEY, Velta C. [Benn]
HARRIS, L. Jane [Cunningham] HENRY, Annie J. HICKS, Opal Vivian [Fagan], 1st Lt. USAFR
HOLT, Nona Highfill [Pickering] JONES, Winnie Lee KRUM, Virginia B.
LANDA, Jean I. McGRATH, Margrete M. [Armstrong], 2nd Lt. USAFR MILLER, Sylvia [Joslin-Reich-Burrill]
MOORE, Lila C. [Mann] MULLEN, Virginia H. NEYMAN, Margaret E. [Martin]
NICHOLSON, Carol A. [Lewis] NORDHOFF, Nancy A. [Dunnam] NORRIS, Irene N. [Wysocki]
OVERMAN, Betty June [Brown] PARISH, Margaret L. [Garland] PASKVAN, Alberta P. [Kinney]
PEDRONCELLI, Ann [Connelly] PETTIT, Mary Elizabeth [Nicholas] PUTNAM, Mary Alice [Vandeventer]
QUIST, Mary Catherine [Edwards] RATH, Murial R. [Reynolds] REILLY, Ruth A. [Bauer]
REXROAT, Ola Mildred, Capt USAFR ROTH, Betty E. [Cross] SCHAFER, Adelaide
SHAFFER. Margaret L. [Latta] SMITH, Dorothy Ann [Lucas] SMITH, Edith K. [Beal]
SMYTHE, Joan Allen [McKesson] SORENSEN, Dorothy [VanValkenbure] STORM, Mary G. [Ruprecht]
STREFF, Betty Jo [Reed] UPSON, Edith L. [Smith] WALKER, Mary Ann [Dreher]
WEISS, Margaret M. WILLIAMS, Vyvian Mae WIMBERLY, M. Ellen [Campbell]
WINTER, Frances W. [Brookings] WRIGHT, Eileen E. [Ferguson]

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WASP CLASS 44-8 , 49 GRADUATES, 10/18/44, TWU 44-8 Bios

ALLEN, Myrtle "Mickie" R. [Carter], ATA 2nd Officer, 8/12/1942 to 2/1/1944 ANDERSON, Doris J. [Daniel] BAKER, Arline M.
BLAIR, Joanne [Martin] BOOTHE, Doris [Wanty] BRAUN, Patricia [O'Bannon]
BRUMMETT, Pearl B. [Judd] CLIFFORD, Ruth [Hubert], 1st Lt. USAFR DAILEY, Anne M. [Marshall]
DIETRICH, Beverly J. [Wilkinson] DIETZ, Gertrude E. DOOLEY, Cathleen B.
DORSEY, Bonnie Jean [Shinski] ELLIOTT, Kathleen [Thompson] FISHER, Virginia E. [Wise]
FULK, Geraldine [Crook] GLADSON, Lucy E. [Alston] GOUGH, Joan [Frost]
HOWARD, Carla [Horowitz] HUGHES, Marguerite V. [Killen] ISHAM, Mary Jane [Ehrman]
JACKSON, Mary E. [Kinney] JOHNSON, Dorothy C. [Burri] KEIR, Muriel [Essertier]
KENYON, Ann W. [Morse] LAMY, Mary W. MAGINNIS, Edna D. [MacDougall]
McINNIS, Nel Douglas [Herrod] McMURDIE, Lois J. METZ, Martha Emlly [Gile], 2nd Lt. USAFR
MOORE, Margaret M. MORTON, Eula E. "Betty" [Brown] PALMER, Mary Ann [Hays]
PAXSON, Jamece [Brewton] PHELPS, Shireen M. SATTLER, Roberta E. [Newcomb]
SHERWOOD, Patricia SLOAN. Georgia P. "Betty" [Kingdon] SMITH, Beulah S.C. [Thurston]
STANDISH, Margaret V.C. STEVENSON. Marjorie C. [Roberts] STUART, Mary Lou [McCann]
THOMAS, Patricia A. [Gladney] VENSKUS, Helen L. WARD, Jean M. [Neill]
WEBSTER, Mary L. (KIS) WILLINGER, Katherine WINFIELD, Wilda W. [McCurrach]
WOOD, Jan Marie

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WASP CLASS 44-9 , 55 GRADUATES, 11/8/44, TWU 44-9 Bios

ALLSHOUSE, Sarah J. [Gleeson] BALDNER, Mary Ann [Gordon] BARON, Anna C. [Belliveau]
BOSTON, Norma M. [Van Brooker] BRIER, Evelyn P. BRISCOE, Elizabeth M. [Stone]
BRONKEN, Anita [Mathew] CANFIELD, Nadine V. [Nagle] CHRISTIANSEN, Marjorie M. [Beck]
DAVIS, Elizabeth W. [Ransom] DIXON, Lillian R. [Kelley] DOWNEY, M. Jean [Harman]
EATHERTON, M. Virginia [Spears] ESTEP, Dorothy FERGUSON, Dorothy Deane
FOHL, Roberta Jane GEE, Margaret GLEZEN, Lillian M. [Wray]
GRIFFIN, Ann [Gleszer], 2nd Lt. USAFR GROVES, Ruth W. [Kearney] HARMON, Elaine D., 2nd Lt. USAFR
HERSHEY, Barbara L. [Tucker] HOUSE, Mildred Louise [Ferree] HUGHES, Marilyn M. "Jackie" [Petty]
JACOBSON, Marie L. [Jones] JOHNSON, Helen L.C. [Cannon] KIERSTEAD, Sonya [Wilson]
KLEINECKE, Kathryn J., 2nd Lt. USAFR LAMM, Julia M. [Bartlett] LEE, Phyilis A. [Hitner]
MARTIN, Betty Ferrol [Riddle] McCARTY, Phyilis M. [Bahl] McLERNON, Eleanor M. "Mickey" [Brown]
MILLER, Wilma L. NELSON, Gloria L. [Collins] NISLEY, Violet M. [vanDelden]
OLMSTED, Joan, Lt. Col. USAFR OSBORNE, Marjorie M. [Nicol], E-4 USMCR PARKER, Catherine [Chatham]
PEIRCE, Penelope G. [Garrett] PHILLIPS, Margaret J., Capt. USAFR PHILLIPS, Rosalie T. [Johnson]
PICTURE, Dorothy C. [Duffield] POTTHOFF, Virginia M. [Trumbuli] REGALBUTO, Mary G. [Jones]
REIMER, Barbara Jean REWEY, Sarah O. [Symmes] SARAGER, Martha [Reuel], 2nd Lt. USAFR
SHOWERS, Mary Anne [Richey] SNELL, Gayle M. STAGG, Betty M. [Turner]
STAHR, Esther L. [Rumler] STROUD, Frances D. [Ochoa] WAYNE, Janet E. [Tuch]

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WASP CLASS 44-10 , 68 GRADUATES, 12/7/44, TWU 44-10 Bios

Note that these WASPs graduated 13 days before the entire organization was disbanded.

ATKEISON, Ann BANE, Suzzanne Louisa [Armstrong] BARDSLEY, Mary Jo [Germaine], 2nd Lt. USAFR
BLAIR, Martha O. [Gaunce] BURNSIDE, Nancy J. [Murray] CARR, Pam L.
CELLER, Helen B. CEYANES, Mary J. [Wagner] CHAPIN, Emily, ATA 2nd Officer, 8/18/1942 to 2/11/1944; 1st Lt. USAFR
COLLINS, Eleanor M. [Faust] CONNALLY, Ailsa M. [Simonson] CREGER, Rose Charlyne, 2nd Lt. USAFR
DAVIS, Dorothy H. DISSTON, Patricia [Detchon] DREIER, Juanita [Hurlbutt]
EGER, Margaret A. [Temme] EMIG, Florence E. [Wheeler] FRETER, Joan M. [UhALT]
FULBRIGHT, Betty [White] GIMBLE, Frances [McAdams] GLASER, Ruth [Guhse], 2nd Lt. USAFR
GRAYSON, Christine W. [Browning] GREGG, Janis M. [Wheatley] HASH, Virginia
HENCH, Thelma K. [Miller] HIBBLER, Ruby L. [Rosenthal] HILBRANDT, Kathleen A.
HOURAN, Patricia A. [Rideout] HOVE, L. Levona HOWARD, Ellen A. [Graff]
IRVINE, Suzanne [Jones] JONES, Natalie S. [Vinson] KATER, Josephine H. [Robinson]
KUTNER, Ruth Y. [Jurnecka] LAMB, Doloris M., Maj. USAFR LaTORRA, Carmel [Seidenberg]
LIND, Mary Jane [Sellers] LOUFEK, Julia [Kimport] LYTCH, Ethel G. [Miller]
MAGOON, Louise E. [Thokey] MARTIN, Mary Anna [Wyall] MAYES, Nancy Lenora, Lt. Col. USAFR
McGRATH, Catherine M. [Henzel] McPIKE. Virginia A. [Coakley] Meiser, Francie E. [Park], 1st Lt. USAFR
MORAN, Muriel M., 1st Lt. USAFR MORRISON, Jana T. MORRISON, Nina K. 'Cappy', Maj. USAFR
NAGEL, Dorothy K. [Ireland] PAINE, Helen [Davis] PARSLEY, Mittie E. [Schirmer]
PAYNE, Sara E. [Hayden], 1st Lt. USAFR PETERSON, Millicent A. [Young] PHILLIPS, Elizabeth L. [Whiting]
PHILLIPS, Jerrie [Badger] REES, Ruth [Phillips] RILEY, Jacquelyn [Frost, Zerlaut]
SEARLES, Barbara [Squire] SHAW, Ann K. [Carter] SIGFORD, Gail G.
SPECKELS, Henrietta P. [Sproat] STABLER, Betty V. [Harlan] TERRELL, Jean Moreo [McCreery]
VAN DAELL, Suzette [Douglas] VAN SCYOC, Mary L. [Simmonds] WERBER, Margaret M. [Gilman]
WOLFE, June S. [Leckie] YEARWOOO, Frankie, Capt. USAFR

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